Prairie Grass Observatory Will Open Friday at Camp Cullom

Prairie Grass Observatory announced its 2024 viewing schedule.  The first open house for the year is tonight, April 12.  In a nice position tonight will be a waxing crescent moon.  You will be able to see “up close and personal” the moon that caused all the excitement on April 8th.

If you are up for viewing stars, planets, galaxies, the Milky Way, moon craters and more, Camp Cullom’s Prairie Grass Observatory is one of the largest Astronomical Observatories in the State of Indiana.

Prairie Grass Observatory partners with Wabash Valley Astronomical Society to present viewing nights at the dark sky observatory located between Frankfort and Mulberry Indiana.

Prairie Grass Observatory will open up the following equipment for each night, weather permitting:

  • 28 inch computerized Dobsonian Reflector Telescope, one of the largest telescopes in the State of Indiana
  • 16 inch Meade Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope capable of locating over 145,000 objects
  • 100 mm binoculars mounted on a “Universal Mount” that will rest at any location operator points it.  This is excellent for viewing star clusters and the Milky Way.
  • Our 7 inch refractor and 16 inch Newtonian reflector telescopes are undergoing rehabilitation and will likely be on line for several open house events this year.
  • Galileo Gallery with seating for about 50 people so you can hear lectures and view DVD astronomy movies.
  • Meteorite collection and astronomical/lunar maps will be on display each night
  • Trained volunteers will be at each station to help guide your experience and answer your questions
2024 Prairie Grass Observatory schedule subject to weather. Cloud cover or high winds will cancel any particular viewing night.

Park east of the Nature Center and use a flashlight so car lights do not disturb our viewing guests.  It is a very short walk from the Nature Center to the Observatory (about 300 feet).

Photo of Saturn taken at Prairie Grass Observatory in Clinton County by John Mahony.


Prairie Grass Observatory. Photo by Erick Dircks
Students visited the Prairie Grass Observatory as part of their week-long experience.
Prairie Grass Observatory will hold several Open House nights April – October during the 2024 season

This years “Indiana Family Star Party” is the largest astronomical event in Indiana.  The Indiana Family Star Party will be held at Camp Cullom from Tuesday July 30th to Sunday August 3rd.  More Indiana Family Star Party information is available HERE.

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