Whitestown Road Construction Projects Kick Off In June

The Town of Whitestown has announced multiple upcoming lane closures and construction beginning in the first week of June with a completion date set for August, weather permitting.

The town has released its plan for the utilization of the Community Crossings Grant funding from the Indiana Department of Transportation to begin road resurfacing and related work at the beginning of June as weather permits. Lane restrictions will be enacted, but all of the roads are expected to be accessible throughout the projects.

The projects will include Main Street from East 230 South to East 200 South, East 225 South from Main Street to South 675 East, East 230 South from Main Street to South 675 East, South 675 East from East 230 South to East 225 South and Indigo Boulevard from Albert S. White Drive to Circle Drive.

Community members are encouraged to exercise caution in the construction zones by remaining attentive at the wheel and avoiding speeding or utilizing their phone while driving.