Wacky Quacky Jeep Show Proves Successful; Wacky Quacky Duck Derby Appraoches On July 22

The contest judges prepare for their time to shine.

The Wacky Quacky “Quack for Kids” Jeep Show was held on Wednesday, June 19 for the community to enjoy Jeeps from across the region, participate in zany activities and support the United Way for Clinton County ahead of the Wacky Quacky Duck Derby.

Attendees play a riveting game of duck-duck-goose.

The Jeep Show hosted 22 Jeeps for the community to explore while intermittently participating in a duck hunt, waddling contest, quacking contest, coloring contest and yard games. Attendees were also treated to three food trucks and a chance to win tickets from WILO’s own Cindy Loveless during the event.

The event was held as the next chapter of preparations for the Wacky Quacky Duck Derby, and 130 lucky ducks were sold during the event with hundreds more available for the community to adopt for a chance to win the grand prize during the derby.

Attendees waddle-off in the waddling competition.

The Wacky Quacky Duck Derby will kick off on July 22 with the ducks racing off with the winning duck receiving a prize of $1,000. The second and third-place ducks will also receive an award for their efforts. The race will be held at Sapphire Bay with limited participants consisting of board members and staff, but community members are encouraged to watch the race live on Facebook to see if they win.

Ducks may be purchased for $10 for a lucky duck, $50 for a Waddler 6-pack, $100 for a Quackers Dozen and $200 for a Totally Quackers bundle of 24 ducks. Ducks may be purchased by texting “Quack” to 53-555. The Wacky Quacky Duck Derby is set to benefit the early childhood center and is sponsored by The Farmers Bank.

A limited number of ducks are available for purchase, and the United Way encourages community members to purchase their ducks as soon as possible before entries are no longer available.

For more information about the Wacky Quacky events this summer, visit the United Way for Clinton County Facebook page or call 765-659-6063.

More Jeep Show Pictures Available On Facebook

Wacky Quacky Duck Calling Contest:

Jeep Show winners!
1st: Flintstones
2nd: Ducks
3rd: Harry Potter