Snapshot Of The Clinton County Youth Baseball Tournament: Michigantown Falls To Rossville 18 To 3

Rossville out-bats Michigantown 8U to advance in the winners bracket.

The Rossville Youth League 8U baseball team kept their bats moving against the Michigantown Youth League 8U team to claim victory and advance in the winners bracket with a score of 18 to 3.

Michigantown 8U faced off against Rossville 8U in the first game at 5:30 p.m. on field three at Rossville.

Bats exploded with the Michigantown Youth League, but a pop fly, a sacrifice hit and a strikeout turned over sides with Michigantown leading 3 to 0. Rossville fought back quickly at the plate, hitting multiple shots to the outfield, including two inside the park home runs and multiple triples to score six and turn over the inning, placing Rossville in the early lead with a score of 6 to 3.

The second inning started slow for Michigantown as a shot to the mound resulted in the first out. A strikeout and a second shot to the mound turned over the inning. An overthrow at first led to a double to start off the bottom of the inning for Rossville. A shot through the legs of the pitching machine hopped second base into a hole in the outfield, culminating in an inside the park home run scoring two, bringing Rossville up 8 to 3. A strikeout scored the first out for Rossville, but a shot through the mound would place a runner on first. A second shot through the center would move runners to third and first. Hesitation going to second would result in a force out, but the sacrifice hit would extend Rossville’s lead to 9 to 3. A hopping ball slid through the legs of second base to play runners on third and first once again. A shot that blazed a hole in the short stop’s glove drove all three runners home for an inside the park home run. A double ground ball past short placed another runner on base, and a shot through second would score another six runs for the inning, putting Rossville in the lead 12 to 3 headed into the top of the third.

A rocket-armed throw from short put an out on the board to start out the third inning, and two strikeouts turned over the inning. A hard hit just beyond the dirt and an overthrow to the mound led to a runner being placed on second, and an RBI single through the mound drove in another run for Rossville. A dropped ball a first led to the runner moving to third, putting runners on third and first with no outs. A pop fly in the infield loaded the bases, but a dropped ball at first and an overthrown mound scored another run and moved runners to first and third. A shot through the mound scored another run for Rossville, and placed runners on third and first. A snag by third base almost racked up Rossville’s first out, but a dropped ball at second scored a runner and led to another stolen base with runners on first and third. A stop at second scored a run and placed runners on second and first. A hard shot bounced by second base, scoring the sixth run of the inning for Rossville, turning over sides and bringing the score to 18 to 3.

In the fourth inning, Michigantown led with a strikeout, and third base rubbed heat on the ball with a throw to first for the second out. A slow roller to first ended the game with Rossville taking it home with a score of 18 to 3.