Cross Traffic At US 52 & SR 47 In Thorntown Is Prohibited Effective Immediately Due To Construction

No cross traffic will be allowed at US 52 and State Road 47.
– Photos courtesy of Thorntown Police Department

The Thorntown Police Department has announced that cross traffic at US 52 and State Road 47 will not be allowed effective immediately.

The Thorntown Police Department announced on Thursday that cross traffic at US 52 and State Road 47 will not be allowed effective immediately as construction is underway. All traffic on State Road 47 will be directed to turn right onto US 52 with no left turn available. As well, US 52 will be limited to one-lane travel in both directions.

The speed limit has also been reduced to 45-miles-per-hour throughout the work zone on US 52.

“Please use caution when traveling through this area,” police said. “Signage can easily block views of approaching vehicles.”

The 500 West intersection remains open during the construction phase, but the department encouraged drivers to utilize other routes into and outside of the Thorntown area, such as County Road 650 North or Sugar Creek Road, due to the heavy traffic resulting from the one-lane travel on US 52.

The department stated that traffic barrels, lane closure signs, no left turn signs, no u turn signs, barricades and lane markings are considered traffic control devices, and vehicles observed not following the traffic control devices directions will be subject to receive citations throughout the construction area.