Clinton Prairie Rec League Builds Team From The Ground Up For Faceoff Against Frankfort 10U

Clinton Prairie girls from five teams come together to face off against the Frankfort 10U team.
– Photo courtesy of Clinton Prairie Rec League

The Clinton Prairie Rec League teams bound together on Saturday, June 15 to faceoff against the Frankfort 10U team after the softball game was initially canceled during the season.

A talented smorgasbord of seven Clinton Prairie 8U girls and two Clinton Prairie 10U girls from five different teams bound together to form a team set to take on the talented Frankfort 10U team on Saturday in a last-minute effort to keep the game afloat.

“When a neighboring county school reaches out asking for a game due to an unfortunate cancellation, we try to make it happen,” the league released.

The teams faced off against each other at Green Street Park in Frankfort at noon on Saturday, and many of girls were subject to their first instance of live pitching, but the league stated that the game was a prime opportunity for the girls to experience live pitching prior to the next season where many of the girls will move into 10U.

Following the game, the league released that the young ladies, parents and Coach Alexander were pivotal in bringing to game to fruition, and the Frankfort 10U team appeared appreciative of the opportunity to play another game to round out the season. The league released that while most of the team was unfamiliar with live pitching, the game was in full swing with numerous hits and outstanding plays.

“7 of these 9 girls have never faced live armed pitching, but did what they always do, hit the ball and win games,” the league released. “Singles, doubles, triples and a few inside the park homeruns.”

During the game, the Clinton Prairie defense held strong regardless of numerous players being outside of their normal positions, and the game allowed for the 8U girls to learn their own strengths and areas that need work as they strove for the win.

“Laina pitched an awesome game as she always does, and Kyelynn and Aubrey tried pitching for the first time ever,” the league released. “They also played great defense, with many girls playing out of their normal positions. A lot to learn and get used to, but I’m confident in every one of the girls moving forward next season.”